2016 Will be a Vibrant Scene!

Give thankhs for 2016!

2 plus 0 plus 1 plus 6 equal 9!

360 degrees, coming full circle!

A year of completion, fulfillment, destiny

Harvest season, gather up all your nuts

And don’t leave any fruit on the tree

a time of reflection, rest, forgiveness, letting go

The King and the last of the single digit numbers

Before 10 (1 plus 0 equals 1) new beginnings

The Circle, the Head, the Crown

The one on top in the 69 position, get that honey!

The big O! An orgasmic year! YaY!

This is the last of the nine lives you’ve been living, start planning, preparing for the new you!

Next year you will start over again!

If you are a 9 (18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 1962, etc)

This is your year! The full circle, 360 degrees

Is global, masculine, yet oval, universal

Humanitarian, far reaching, epic!

The closing of a chapter, Obama’s last year!

You will be wrapping things up

Saying good bye to the old you, people, stuff

Finishing what you started the last cycle

Around 2007! All the way to heaven!

3 is the number of the Trinty, the Artist

3×3 is 9, This is going to be the Trifecta

Year of the Artist! The September year!

9 is the Most Magical of numbers

9 times anything turns back into 9

(9×1::9, 9×2::18::9, 9×3::27::9)

9 plus anything turns back into itself

(9 plus 1::10:::1, 9 plus 5:::14:::5) Magic!

The year of the I and the R, letters 9&18!

I & I, Intuition, imagination, introspection!

R & R, rest and relaxation! Resign!

It’s going to Rain! Reign! Rise up!

The year of Living Life Like it’s Golden!

The Golden Mean, the Golden Ratio, the Golden Spiral, the Golden Proportion!

The coil, the curl, the curve, the

9 ethers! It’s going to be a very kinky year!12410581_1699291683619374_2126838240680384714_n


You Don’t Know Squat!!!?!!!

I once read a fascinating article which talked about seven common things that mostly everybody is doing wrong. The main one was breathing! lol Most people in this fast paced world breath too shallow and too quick, instead of taking deep breaths from the diaphragm like you see sleeping babies do.

The article also mentioned that the modern toilet is too high, which is why many toil on the toilet! Pun intended. The more natural position is what we did before the modern toilet was invented, we SQUATTED! This angle, or lack thereof, causes easier passage and less straining . To feel the difference yourself simply put a six to 8 inch stool under your foot…

Not mentioned in that article, but using the same principle, is a pregnant woman’s position during child birth:

A Woman Trying to Give Birth

Lying on her back, in the horizontal position

The modern, western way, is half as bad

As a woman trying to give birth

Standing on her head.

During these First Days of the New World we are creating, child birth will be easier

As we return to the ancient Afrakan

Indigenous people’s way of Squatting

And,10541809_272211336323451_7562931725804948049_n with a more vertical birth canal

Allowing Mother Nature and Gravity

To help bring newborns into the world.


This position makes it much less likely that you will have to pay extra to those in the medical profession who like to drug you and cut you up and give you C sections in the name of Ceasar and the dollar bill.7d965ed510d872b49a2e543f9c182c65

Paradise’s 2016 Cultural World’s Fair in Oakland

Paradise’s 2016 Cultural World’s Fair will take place in Oakland, during the new Black History Month, from December 26, 2015, through February 2016, this Summer and beyond! The Greater Oakland San Francisco Bay Area welcomes the brightest minds, biggest hearts and greatest artists from all over the world to come to this extraordinary region during the First Days of the New World and Aquarian Age we were sent her to create. Here:


Home of the Black Panthers (50th Anniversary)

Home of the first Black Studies Departments in the Schools

Home of the first Kwanzaa

Home of the Black Arts Movement (West Coast 50 year anniversary)

Home of Super Bowl 50

Home of Black Lives Matter

Home of the Free Speech Movement

Home of Olympic Boycotters Tommie Smith and John Carlos

Home of Occupy Oakland

Home of the Summer of Love

Home of the Ohlone Indians

Home of the Golden State Warriors

Home of the Oakland Raiders

Home of the redemption, protest song of the century and new international black anthem, “I Love Everything About You, But You!”

Home of 939 is CommUnity Prayer Time (9am, 3pm, 9pm

We will be celebrating all of these momentous occasions and more…

If you would like to make a donation and be listed as a sponsor, if you would like to volunteer or if you have an event you would like to include in the fair calender or itinerary, inbox me here or contact us at






Start spreading the news…we will be celebrating all of the above and more during this great Harmonic Convergence aligned by the anceStars!

This sight is a work in progress…

A few events…

In the Name of Love: 14th Annual Musical Tribute Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday, January 17, 7pm. Oakland Scottish Rite Center, 1547 Lakeside Dr. The Civil Rights Movement through Nina Simone. $25-$40 Marcus Shelby, Paula West, Dana King, others..

Saturday, February 6, 1-4pm, 25th Annual African American Celebration through Poetry, 1801 Adeline Street, West Oakland branch library. Free event.

Project Back to Africa: Black Love Mixer, February, date and location to be announced.

SOBOM: State of Black Oakland (Men). Black men of Oakland speak! Sharing concerns, ideas and plans for the future of Oakland and black men in Oakland, America and the world. February-March, time and location to be announced.

First Fridays Art Murmer, Telegraph Avenue, downtown Oakland, 5pm until, every First Friday.

Salon for the Arts, last Sunday of every month, Alameda Beach

Paradise’s 18th Annual Cleopatra’s Ball, celebrating Women’s History Month

Art & Soul, downtown Oakland, August.

Other venues to be posted momentarily…