You Don’t Know Squat!!!?!!!

I once read a fascinating article which talked about seven common things that mostly everybody is doing wrong. The main one was breathing! lol Most people in this fast paced world breath too shallow and too quick, instead of taking deep breaths from the diaphragm like you see sleeping babies do.

The article also mentioned that the modern toilet is too high, which is why many toil on the toilet! Pun intended. The more natural position is what we did before the modern toilet was invented, we SQUATTED! This angle, or lack thereof, causes easier passage and less straining . To feel the difference yourself simply put a six to 8 inch stool under your foot…

Not mentioned in that article, but using the same principle, is a pregnant woman’s position during child birth:

A Woman Trying to Give Birth

Lying on her back, in the horizontal position

The modern, western way, is half as bad

As a woman trying to give birth

Standing on her head.

During these First Days of the New World we are creating, child birth will be easier

As we return to the ancient Afrakan

Indigenous people’s way of Squatting

And,10541809_272211336323451_7562931725804948049_n with a more vertical birth canal

Allowing Mother Nature and Gravity

To help bring newborns into the world.


This position makes it much less likely that you will have to pay extra to those in the medical profession who like to drug you and cut you up and give you C sections in the name of Ceasar and the dollar bill.7d965ed510d872b49a2e543f9c182c65


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2 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Squat!!!?!!!”

  1. I got down on my hands and knees to retrieve your beautiful postcard of the woman giving birth sculpture in the bus kiosk.


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